Missing the Stationary Bike

Joyce Hoffman

About the Author: Joyce Hoffman is one of the world’s top 10 stroke bloggers according to the Medical News Today. With the help of her team, Joyce created this newsletter inspired by the format of Dear Abby. The newsletter is a dialog with Joyce on issues only a survivor could fully understand.You can find the original post and other blogs Joyce Wrote in https://dearjoyceqanda.blogspot.com

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Dear Joyce,

I’m two years into recovery from a stroke and I miss the treadmill that I used in the hospital. I had Physical Therapy while I was in the hospital for a month but no more since. Should I buy one or wait longer? And how long?  I still have deficits in walking and sitting.  

Missing the Treadmill

Dear Missing,

Yikes! No physical therapy in almost two years? Leave it to the expert for what you are able and not able to do. By expert, I mean a Physical Therapist–at home or as an outpatient—to do an evaluation first before you buy one. Maybe you will eventually be able to do the treadmill, or maybe you can use one now, but first things first!

After the evaluation, tell the Physical Therapist of your longing to do the treadmill, and the PT will reply honestly. Going without physical therapy for almost two years and then buying the treadmill and using it is an unacceptable idea without the evaluation.