A Solution I Never Considered

Rebecca Dutton

About the Author: Rebecca Dutton is a former occupational therapist and stroke survivor. Her blog Home After a Stroke was rated as the world’s top 10 stroke related blogs by the Medical News Today. You can find the original post and other blog posts by Rebecca at http://homeafterstroke.blogspot.com/ Find the original post at: {{original_post_url}}

16 / 100

When I visited Scotland people were wearing t-shirts and shorts when it was 68 degrees F because they thought it was hot.  For the 1st time I understood why I sweat when it hits 70 degrees.  My Norwegian ancesters who emmigrated to northern Scotland gave me muscular calves and thighs you would see on a soccer player.  Big muscles create heat.  I am a polar bear living with the gazelles in New Jersey.

After my stroke I did not go to a gym because it has machines that require 2 good arms or 2 good legs.  Doing half of a yoga posture while sitting felt stupid and reinforced the asymmetrical strength my stroke created.  I freak out about walking barefoot without my leg brace on slippery ceramic tile at a pool.  I also do not want to learn how to put on and take off a swimsuit one-handed.  So for
16 years I have exercised by pushing a shopping cart through large stores 2 to 3 times a week.
I would buy only $20 of merchandise so I had to make many returns trips.  Now stores may have covid-19 virus in the air and on surfaces.

I switched to walking around my neighborhood while the weather was mild, but now the summer heat is here.  I have to walk in the early morning when it is cool.  The catch is that I have never been a morning person.  All I can do is grunt if a person talks to me during the 1st hour I am up.
I felt groggy and sluggish so I decided to drink 16 ounces of water before I walked.  Surprisingly it helped.  I wore my pedometer and was pleased to see a high number.  I do not know what I will do when snow covers the street, but I will worry about that later.   homeafterstroke.blogspot.com