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We had a great Q&A session with Dr Chris Cirino today.

Questions asked include:

- What about masks? There are so many conflicting messages on whether one should wear them or not.

- Wil there be mandatory vaccination?

- Will vaccines help those already sick?

- Do you see the process to develop and accelerate to gather plasma from those who have developed immunization to this virus?

- What is the story of hydrochloride as a treatment for COVID?

And many more.

Please click on the video below to go through the whole Q&A. You can find the same video on the Facebook page of Strokefocus (

We are considering setting up more such sessions. To help us better plan for the COVID 19 Q&A sessions in the future, would you mind submitting your questions by replying to this email? 

At the same time, we are attaching a few blogs Dr Cirino and our blogger Joyce Hoffman wrote that are published on our site to your reference.


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