Down the Rabbit Hole

Rebecca Dutton

8 / 100

When I heard myself thinking about spelling errors before my alarm clock went off, I knew the social isolation of covid had sent me down the rabbit hole.  Why do four and fourteen have a u but forty does not?  When did people start saying Febuary when it is spelled February?                          Why is Wed-nes-day pronounced Wenz-day?

My biggest pet peeve is that lay means “to put something down” while lie means “to assume a horizontal position.”  The people who decided lay and lie mean different things also decided      laid is the past tense for both lay and lie.  Context is an easier way to keep words that are similar from being confusing.  “I lied in court” is clearly different from “I lied in the bed.”

A rabbit hole is something that transports someone into a wonderful or troubling state or situation.