5 Top Home Quarantine Tips + Healthy Snacks + FREE Links to Talks & More

Iris Briand

About the Author



  • Ms. Briand grew up on an orchard and vegetable farm where she learned the importance of eating fresh foods as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • She has instructed nutrition classes for 10 years & is featured regularly AM Northwest, KATU Channel 2.
  • Iris holds a Nutrition Degree from OSU, and completed Life University‚Äôs Dietetics Program, 2012.


1. Start off the day with 1/2 cup warm water followed by a warm beverage such as herbal or regular tea, organic coffee. This practice helps to detoxify the organs, to help us feel our best, and to allow for a more efficient working environment.

2. Continue the first part of your morning with a few relaxation exercises, whether it’s gentle to moderate yoga/stretching or a quick 15-20 minute walk, the type of movement promotes metabolism, mental focus and energy levels right off the bat.

3. Develop a consistent routine around meal times to encourage your energy and mind-power to be regulated throughout the day. Enjoy a medium breakfast (if desired), medium savory lunch containing protein, and a light dinner to keep blood sugars stabilized. This practice tends to put those afternoon sugar/carb cravings at bay.

4. Design a “work-station” to keep yourself on task. Prioritize the most complicated tasks before 2 or 3PM if possible. Take breaks every 60 minutes to drink water or tea, have a light snack if needed, walk and do a couple of stretches to prevent that pesky back, neck, and shoulder pain that so often creeps up on us while working on the computer for so many hours.

5. Create your “To-Do” list at night an hour or so before you go to bed, including both work and personal happenings. Also, write down a rough estimate of the timing. Sample template:

7 AM Wake Up

7-8 AM Water, Coffee, Teas, Yummm

8-9:00 AM Brief Walk and/or Yoga Stretches

9-9:40 AM Breakfast and Dishes

9:45 – 11:45 “Most Challenging Work”

12-1 PM Lighter Work

1-2 PM Lunch, Dishes and Brief Walk

2-5 PM Work, Finish up Emails, Drink Tea, Light Snack: See Handout

5-6 PM Make Dinner

6:15-7:15PM Dinner and Dishes

7:30PM- 10 or 11PM Relax, Epson’s Salts Bath, Light Walk, Drink Restful Tea such as Chamomile/Lemongrass, Watch Inspiring Talk, or light stretching, see ideas below:

1. Great Talk on How to Change the Mind, Concentration, and Connection to Others:

2. Wonderful Yoga Teacher with Free Online Classes:

3. Eye Opening Speech about our Mind and Power of Thoughts/Words/Actions